This is a sampling of people who have worked with Sandra:

“Sandra is a compassionate and skilled coach who offers valuable insights that get to the heart of the matter.  I worked with her during a career transition and she was extremely encouraging and offered many suggestions that helped me broaden my horizons. She was an indispensable partner during this time.”  -MM

“I had business coaching with Sandra Bevins Hughes for a few months. I found it very helpful for improving my focus on my business model. I provide elite metabolic training and diet counseling for a handful of clients. Although each client has his/her individual program, every one of them commented to me on how my business had changed in subtle, positive ways after (what turned out to be) my first two months of consultations with Sandra.”  -ES

“I needed help to align and accomplish my goals and Sandra has helped me to celebrate the things that I have accomplished and reminds me of how I align with my values. This gives me the confidence I need as I work through my transition of moving to different state and starting a new career. Sandra’s support has been invaluable to me.” -BM

“Sandra has a 360 degree view and considers the impact the of actions on others. She understands how to deploy the talents of a team. She is talented, trustworthy and a great advisor. She helps create results.” -MF

“Sandra is very good at asking lots of questions and guiding people to explore different options. She helps individuals to really think about what they want to do and she’s great at helping them be able to see things from multiple perspectives and choose the one that resonates with them. I’ve discovered a lot about myself during my sessions with Sandra. She’s helped me and she could help you, too! I would highly recommend Sandra.” -AJ

“I appreciated Sandra’s strong organizational skills, attention to detail and follow up. She was always looking to provide value while at the same time learning more about the business. She has valuable lessons to share on the international market. She will be an valuable asset to any organization.” -AB

“The work that I started with Sandra has continued even though we are no longer working together. My path made quite a sharp change for the positive from her support even though I didn’t realize at the time I needed help. I continue to thank my friend for the birthday gift of Sandra’s services.” -KT

“Sandra was a results driven executive who was able to balance developing a strategy and managing execution, critical during our time together. She also knew how to hire and develop strong teams.” -CS

“I partnered with Sandra on a Market Research Engagement. She proved to be insightful, reliable and professional. Sandra’s sharp mind and strong instincts enabled us to anticipate the needs of our client and their constituents. Her hard work and dedication were instrumental in the completion of a deliverable that exceeded the expectations of our client and is driving impact through their organization.” -JF

“I worked with Sandra very closely. This dealt with analysis of new markets, acquisition, reviews and renewals, as well as closure of business. She understands internal teams, relationships and provides strong leadership. It was very satisfying to work with Sandra.” -EE

“A friend of mine referred me to Sandra Bevins Hughes Coaching.  At the time, I was “trying” my hand at being my own boss. I needed help with some issues from my past that kept me from believing in myself and seeing my true potential.  Sandra helped me realize what my true values are, what I really believe in, and how I wanted to be treated personally and professionally.  Then she helped me come up with strategies that I could use in my work and personal life to help me handle any challenges that may arise.  I have come back to her again and again for help coming up with a good strategy for some changes I wanted to make in my life. I left our session feeling more self-confident, inspired and happy about the doable plan we came up. Sandra is always available for check-ins and is happy to coach you as things pop up for you in the future.” -MB

“Sandra is a seasoned leader who negotiates with poise and savvy. She was generous in sharing her insights based on her prior work, and genuinely curious. She was assertive in clarifying her perspective, but at the same time, able to understand the perspective of her counterparts.” -SP