Midlife Career Change

Are you facing a midlife career change? Are you looking for a new challenge? Maybe your employer is going in a different direction?

No matter the situation, changing careers at this stage of your life can be difficult and scary. However, rushing into a career transition isn’t always the best possible option. Develop a process, consult with your friends and family, and be confident as you look to a new career path.

Developing A Midlife Career Change Process

Are you facing a midlife career change?Undertaking a midlife career change will present a variety of obstacles. You may be afraid to start over in a new business setting, or you may be afraid that you won’t find the right job for you.

Nevertheless, you need to prioritize your goals and needs to help with a smooth transition. Where are you now in business? Where do you want to be in your professional life? Are you looking for a new challenge or relocation? Something new that you’re passionate about?

These are the types of questions that you need to address before you begin the transition to a new career.

What Leads To Midlife Career Change?

There are a variety of factors that can lead to a midlife career change. From the work environment to advancement opportunities and more. However, in some cases, you may not have a choice at all.

Business evolves on a daily basis, and employers are finding new ways to cut costs by bringing in younger and cheaper employees. You may be forced into an early retirement or have to look for a new job altogether. Other ways companies go in a different direction include:

  • Layoffs
  • Eliminating your job, changing title
  • Offer incentives for early retirement
  • Cut your job duties
  • Cut your work hours
  • Isolation

Believe it or not, employers are finding new ways to force older employees out the door. By doing this, they can hire younger and pay less money in the process.

Utilize Your Network and Opportunities

Facing the prospects of looking for a new job can be overwhelming and scary. Nevertheless, you can turn this challenge into a positive by making simple adjustments and utilizing your business network.

First, you should do your best to give yourself a financial cushion if you are expecting to make a job change. This can be difficult, but it will give you the peace of mind to find the perfect job for you without rushing into a bad decision.

Look into your network and reconnect with former associates to get a feel for the job market and possible opportunities. These are the people that know your work ethic and have built trust and experience with you.

Are you hoping to advance in a new field or career path? If so, take advantage of the higher education at your disposal. Take a certification course or pursue a degree that will open your professional outlook to a wider range of jobs and earning potential.

SBH Coaching Is Here To Help

At SBH Coaching, we’ll help you find the right path and comfort in a career change. Our training programs will lead you to new goals and a brighter future.

Don’t allow your midlife career change to bring on emotions of stress, anxiety, and fear. Instead, face this transition with optimism and confidence!

Are you ready to begin a fresh and new professional journey?