Empty Nest Syndrome

Have your children grown up and left home to begin their own adventure? Are you having bouts of sadness, grief, or depression since they left? If so, you are facing the challenges of Empty Nest Syndrome.

This is a feeling of loneliness and sadness for parents after their children have grown and left home. After encouraging your kids forward to independence, the experience of sending them off into the world can be overwhelming and painful.

Empty Nest Syndrome Symptoms

Empty nest syndrome affects parents across the country.The symptoms you may face will differ from each parent to the next. Feelings of sadness and loss are common, but there are other emotions that will arise. These include:

  • Loss of companionship
  • Distress
  • Loneliness
  • Overthinking or panic

During this process, you will develop fear and worry about your child’s well-being and safety. This is completely normal, but it’s important to take a deep breath, have trust and encourage your children to grow in a positive way.

Solutions and Support

Social support can make a huge difference in this difficult transition. Reach out to your friends and other family members!

You now have more time and energy, originally spent on the care of your children, that you can direct in new and exciting ways. For instance, this is the perfect time to reconnect with your spouse and cope with these emotions together.

Adjusting to your new role as a parent is tough, but it’s vital to understand the changes ahead of you. You may take on a more peer-like position with your children or you may have to give your kids more privacy altogether. However, this will also give you more privacy in your own life. Use these changes to recreate your identity with new challenges and opportunities.

Build new friendships, start your own business, or develop new hobbies and interests. Moreover, you could go on vacation and make new memories to help adjust and cope with the transition.

How To Prepare

You should begin your preparation for this change while your children are still living at home. At this time, you should begin giving your kids space as they no longer will be dependent on you once they move.

This will give you more time to come to terms with the adjustment before it even happens. Begin making plans for the extra time and money you will have after the move is final.

SBH Coaching is Here To Help

While you’re encouraging your children to be more independent, we’ll encourage you to find new ways to enjoy these major life changes. Letting go is a process, but it doesn’t have to be a disaster for you and your family.

SBH Coaching offer a variety of programs and training to help you get through this transition with confidence and excitement. Contact us today and learn more about our amazing midlife guidance coaching.