As a coach and former corporate leader, I understand your unique needs as an entrepreneur. My goal is to help you be more prosperous and profitable as you build your company and manage your personal life. I have designed a variety of programs tailored to your unique needs and time constraints.

Explore your options here:

Prepare to Prosper: The Jumpstart Coaching Package

This is the perfect solution to orient you to my signature system for helping you achieve integration with your business and personal life. You will learn to effectively navigate any unexpected life transitions that happen while you are building your business.

Prepare to Prosper includes:

  • Four 1 hour personalized coaching sessions
  • Membership in my exclusive FB community for prosperous business owners
  • Eligibility for private Mentoring with me once program is completed

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Prosperous Business 101: How to Make a Profit

This program is structured to ensure your success and provide the support you need to get on track, stay focused,  and move forward. I have found that helping you integrate your personal and professional life, especially as you navigate big changes, is one of the keys to success.

Prosperous Business 101 includes:

  • 2-Hour Private Jump Start Coaching Session
  • 12 – 90 Minute Group Calls
  • 60 Minute Business Plan Alignment Coaching Session
  • Private Prosperous Business 101 Mastermind Facebook Community
  • Access to my complete training system dedicated to your long-term prosperity

Before beginning the program, you will complete a business health assessment that identifies the overall health of your current business and informs the focus of our Jump Start Coaching Session. By the end of the Jump Start session, you will have a clear picture of the most pressing issues in your business and personal life, and we will create a unique business blue print to move you forward.  For the remaining 12 weeks you will develop a clear strategy of how to increase your profitability.

Take a look at the outline for the Prosperous Business 101: How to Make a Profit!

This program is designed to move you from overwhelmed and struggling to prosperous and profitable. I can’t wait to support you.

  • Week 1: Orientation – Setting Expectations
  • Week 2: Clarity – Getting clear on your #1 Priority
  • Week 3: Road Blocks – Find out what is stopping your success
  • Week 4: Business Basics – Find out if you have what it takes to succeed
  • Week 5: Creating a Strong Brand and Business Model
  • Week 6: Personalized Business Plan Alignment Coaching Session
  • Week 7: Supporting the Business Plan Alignment
  • Week 8: Realign your #1 Priority
  • Week 9: Setting your Project Plan
  • Week 10: Sustaining your Business Objectives
  • Week 11: Monitoring Progress into tangible results
  • Week 12: Completion – Next Steps

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My Business Blueprint VIP Day

This special one-day program is designed to let you take a day to talk about your business and your life in a non-judgmental, supportive environment. These days can be a great energizer, providing a sounding board for your ideas, or as a check-in for work you’ve been doing. The Business Blueprint VIP Day is designed to give you a single day of focus on what’s keeping you up at night.

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Life Reinvented Program

The Life Reinvented Program is designed especially for people who are going through difficult life transitions such as: divorce, caregiving, and career challenges – while also working to keep their companies moving forward.

The Life Reinvented Program will help you to:

  • Catch your breath and create the headspace to think rationally about your situation
  • Maintain a safe place to navigate your feelings, emotions and responses
  • Put yourself at the top of your priority list so you can begin to live a more integrated life
  • Be part of a private community of people working through the same struggles
  • Create a strategy and plan for overcoming this transition

If you are currently navigating one or more of these major life transition, the Life Reinvented Program is perfect for you:

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