As a business strategist and former corporate leader, I understand your unique needs as an entrepreneur. My goal is to help you be more prosperous and profitable as you build your company and manage your personal life. I have designed a variety of programs tailored to your unique needs and time constraints.

Explore your options here:

60 Day Business Bootcamp: Unlock Your Inner Business Genius

This group program is structured to ensure your success and provide the support you need to get on track, stay focused, and move forward. I have found that helping you integrate your personal and professional life, especially as you navigate big changes, is one of the keys to success.

60 Day Business Bootcamp Program Structure:

1          2-Hour Private Jumpstart Coaching Session

8          90 Minute Group Calls

1          60 Minute Business Blueprint Coaching Session

Private Facebook Community

Homework and Handouts

VIP 90 Day Business Bootcamp Program Package

60 Day Business Bootcamp Program plus two additional 30-minute private coaching calls provided during the 60 Day Program and Four additional 60-minute private coaching sessions throughout a 90-day period to provide additional business support as you begin to execute your business plan.

This program is designed to move you from overwhelmed and struggling to prosperous and profitable. I can’t wait to support you.

  • Create an Inspiring Business Vision and Become and Integrated Leader
  • Get Clear on Your Business Priorities
  • Get Support, Learn to Pivot, and Build Resilience on your Entrepreneurial journey
  • Business Basics: Setting Yourself Up for Success
  • Create a Successful Business Model
  • Establish a Strong Brand
  • Solidify Your Business Priorities and Create Actionable Steps
  • Evaluate Your Business Progress and Completion

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Jumpstart Individual Coaching Call

This is the perfect solution to get your business started. I work with you to get you really clear on your most important goals for your business and personal life. By the end of our session you will have tangible steps to move your business forward in a prosperous profitable way.

Inner Business Coaching Call includes:

  • 2-hour personalized jumpstart coaching session
  • Thorough assessment of your business priorities, goals and aspirations
  • Tangible steps to take your business to the next level

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Do you need some dedicated help jumpstarting your business idea? Could you use a sounding board to listen to the issues you are having and help you think your way to a plan for business success? This is the perfect place to start.

This package, designed to give you clarity and moving into action, includes:

  • 2 hour jumpstart individual coaching session including assessment
  • 3- 1 hour individual coaching sessions

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The Business Life Reinvented Coaching Package is designed especially for people who are going through difficult life transitions such as: divorce, caregiving, and career challenges – while also working to keep their businesses moving forward.

The Business Life Reinvented Package will help you to:

  • Catch your breath and create the headspace to think rationally about your situation
  • Maintain a safe place to navigate your feelings, emotions and responses
  • Put yourself at the top of your priority list so you can begin to live a more integrated life
  • Be part of a private community of people working through the same struggles
  • Create a strategy and plan for overcoming this transition

This package includes:

  • 2 hour Inner Business Coaching call including Assessment
  • 3- 1 hour coaching sessions

If you are currently navigating one or more of these major life transition, the Life Reinvented Package is perfect for you:


End of a Relationship (other than divorce)

Career Transition




Caregiving (for aging parents)


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